About Me

Some details about me – I originally started calligraphy as a hobby – learning the art with a renowned teacher and along with lectures on the loss of handwriting in our computer age, I soon realised the beauty  of “hand written” work. There really is a huge difference. Hand produced work just seems to be more “alive” on the paper.  Add to this the stunning  and varied types of paper and ink available it truly is a fantastic art form. I had always been fascinated with handwriting.

When you see old manuscripts or texts they have a true depth, almost as though part of the scribe transfers to the document.

I set up my business 15 years ago in North London where I have lived for the last 30 years.

During that time I have written invitations, place cards, rolls of honour, table plans and scrolls for many types of events including weddings, barmitzvahs, parties and corporate events.

I will  always try my hardest to match ink colours and there is usually a “hand” that will either match or blend with the font used on the printed invitation. Themes are popular too and I have enjoyed creating table plans to go along with Harry Potter, Fairies, Black + White, Butterflies and many more. I can also write on glass, blackboards, mirrors and leaves!

I always enjoy working closely with my clients to create something totally unique and special for their function.