Handwriting Styles

These are the main writing styles I use. However, if you have a requirement for a specific writing style, just ask me!

handwriting styles - gothic-cursive

Gothic Cursive:

This is a fabulous hand for themed events. I have used it for a Harry Potter style Barmitzvah with wax seals and a coat of arms, and a party in a wonderful old library, written into a large old ledger. When used with lovely brown ink it really looks as though it was written a very long time ago! I have also illuminated the capitals with gold ink to recreate the style of old manuscripts.

handwriting styles - copperplate


A very traditional hand. One of the most popular for wedding invitations and wedding table stationery. It has elegant flowing lines and flourishes, creating a feel of sophisticated old world charm. Very pretty.

handwriting styles - foundational


An upright bold, clear style, but with the softness of flourishes to break up the hard lines, and give the tell tale hand written finish.
This hand has evolved into an easy, slightly more modern choice. The flourishes can be held in check to create a very simple style.

handwriting styles - uncial


Originally an old Gaelic script, with a few changes it has become one of my most popular hands.
Simple and easy to read, but maintaining the flow of a hand written script.
It seems to fit in with any occasion and surroundings. Managing to look modern but still having a style that elevates it from computer print.

handwriting styles - freehand


This hand has evolved really from my own natural handwriting! Once asked to do a very relaxed 40th Birthday party, the client and I decided on this and I have used it several times since. Great when you want the function to be easy and informal.